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The calame is a traditional instrument for calligraphy or the writing of sacred texts.



The medina


derb : narrow winding street in the medina, often a dead-end


the muezzin calls the people to prayer 5 times a day from the top of the mosque minaret


The architecture


riyad : traditional arab house built around a patio garden onto which all the rooms open


patio : inner courtyard with a garden (riyad)  and a source of water (a fountain or pond) in its centre planted with orange, banana, and fig trees around it.


b’hou : alcove opening onto the patio used as an outdoor living-room


douiria : traditionally, a small apartment with a skylight, accessed to by a separate flight of stairs, used by the master of the house. When renovated, the douiria is generally integrated into the riyad, and becomes a brightly lit living-room with one bedroom and a bathroom, to ensure more privacy.


The materials used


taddelakt : limestone mixed with pigments, smoothed by hand


zellij : glazed terracotta pieces of mosaic of varied geometric shapes used to decorate walls, floors, tables…


bejmat : bejmat : unglazed terracotta pieces, used as flooring






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